NREGA Job Card List 2020 Mgnrega Job Card List 2020

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Mahatma Gandhi NREGA labor information

Mnrega Job Card List: Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Job Card was implemented in Rajasthan in August 2005. With the MNREGA job card you get guaranteed employment which gives you guaranteed employment in the year. You are given employment for 100 days in a year. No more than this will be given. MNREGA job card is made only for the people living in rural areas, job cards are not made for people living in urban areas. MNREGA job cards are made up to 5 members in each family.

So, friends now know how to make a job card and who are made.

How to make MNREGA job card

The NREGA job card has the same procedure in almost all the states. But right now we are telling you about the Rajasthan NREGA job card.

  • NREGA jobs make up to 5 members of each family.
  • To apply you have to visit your Panchayat Samiti and Atal Seva Kendras.
  • Within 15 days of applying, jobs are created and given to you.

After the job card is created, you can apply for wages. When you get a job card, the government covers you within the employment guarantee scheme only after fifteen days, because it is your right. A list / list of job card or people who have completed the work is put up. This list / list is available with the Panchayat Samiti or work area. Now we are telling you how to see names in online MNREGA job card list / list.

Benefits of MNREGA job card

  • Those who have a NREGA job card are given guaranteed employment for 100 days.
  • If 100 days have been completed, then after that you can add names to the food security scheme. If you do not get ration. You can apply for food security scheme by visiting Atal Seva Kendra or E-Mitra.
  • Up to 5 family members can be included in a job card.
  • Suppose you do not get employment / work for 90 days with this card.
  • So you are eligible for unemployment allowance.
  • That is, you will be considered unemployed by the government and you will be given unemployment allowance.
  • You are paid wages every 15 days. If not received then you get compensation.

Documents for job card

  • Bank Passbook (Both male and female are to be attached)
  • Aadhar Card
  • Bhamashah Card / Jan Aadhaar Card
  • Passport size photo

NREGA Job Card List 2019-2020

To see your or anyone’s name in the MNREGA job card list / list, first you have to click here. After clicking, NREGA’s site will open in front of you. Now you will see some options here. First of all you have to take your district, after that you have to select the villagers in the type of area which are already selected, now you have to take your block i.e. your Panchayat Samiti / Tehsil and click search in Lost.

Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Shramik Portal

Now you will get a list of NREGA workers card. In this list, you will see Gram Panchayat. You have to take your gram panchayat, after that the work report, progress report, active job card holder report, filled musrol report will show it all. You have to click on the blue Get Report below any information you want to see.

We are telling you, for example, by clicking on the third option active job card holder report of Alavada Village.

Gram Panchayat wise NREGA list

Now you will find active job card holders, whose work is going on now. Here you will see your village / village, registration number, job card holder name.

MNREGA job card list 2019-2020 Rajasthan
MNREGA job card list 2019-2020 Rajasthan

Job card scheme

In this way you can see the list / list of MNREGA job cards of your and your relatives.

It varies every 100 days. We have just told you how to see the name in the job card list. For more information, contact

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