Jasmine arrived at Bharti’s house after leaving Big Boss, know why?

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Jasmine arrived at Bharti house after leaving Big Boss 14: Actress Jasmine Bhasin’s house is over from Bigg Boss. He spent a very good time at home. His journey was like a roller-coaster ride. Jasmine Bhasin did not go to her house after being homeless from Bigg Boss and went to Bharti Singh’s house. Let’s know why.

Jasmine Bhasin did not go to her house immediately after leaving the show and went to Harsh Limbachiya and Bharti Singh’s house. Talking to Times of India about this, Jasmine said- ‘After leaving the house of Bigg Boss, I was thinking about a lot of things, also about the reaction of the fans about my game.’ Also Read: Bigg Boss 14 voting poll result

‘I didn’t know what people outside the house were thinking about me. So I was feeling a little down. So I first thought of going to Harsh and Bharti’s house.

Jasmine said- they are my support system. I liked meeting them. Then I also ate Chole-Bhature and Mutton Biryani.

Apart from this, Jasmine Bhasin told who can win the show. Jasmine said- Rubina can win the show because of her cleverness and manipulative skills. I also see Ali Goni as a winner. Ali has a clean heart and is playing well. He is equally strong.

Talking about Rakhi Sawant, Jasmine said- ‘I did not hurt him. He hit his head on the table several times and hit himself. And if it was because of me, then I say sorry. I did not do this intentionally. I also apologized to him.

‘To be honest, living with them is not easy. Watching them in one minute videos and one hour shows is entertaining. But it is not easy to be with them 24 hours. She is very irritating. Dramas on everything. I condemn their game. He has hurt my heart by speaking about my character.

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